About Me

My name is Jake Varness. I'm an Engineering Manager from Kansas City working for Cerner Corporation.


Cerner Corporation

Team Lead | Engineering Manager
  • Engineering team leader
  • Java services engineer
  • Early career engineering mentor
Associate Senior Software Engineer
  • Training program mentor and early career engineering mentor
  • Java services engineer
  • Web application engineer
  • .NET application engineer


Junior Software Developer
  • .NET application developer
  • Android application developer
  • Build and release automation
Professional Skills
  • Java Development (7 years)
  • .NET Development (6 years)
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Development (3 years)
  • Relational Databases (5 years)

pebble Projects


I purchased a Pebble Time right before Christmas last year, and so far I'm a happy customer. I'm so happy in fact that I coded my very own watchface that took advantage of the Pebble date/time services (obviously), as well as the battery service to include a battery life indicator in the middle of the watchface.


A failed experiment when I was trying to used different fonts. I didn't know that pebble devices only supported up to 48-point font sizes, but I didn't want this to just disappear.


This watchface was developed for my fiance after I got her a Pebble 2 during their kickstarter campaign.


This watchface of mine has more downloads than any other watchface I've developed. It's a clean watchface with a clean design, a nice font, and it displays a step counter as well as the current weather.

CoffeeScript Projects

pharmbot, a hubot

During a late night of manual testing, our team at Cerner (the Pharmacy Inpatient team) made a mascot called pharmbot. It was constructed out of a cardboard box and plastic silverware.

Inspired by our fearless mascot, I created a hubot named pharmbot, who resides on a rasbperry pi in my cubicle.


This project was my first npm package and my first hubot script package! It adds the functionality for your hubot to find a place for you to eat lunch. See the project's README for more!


Probably my most favorite script I've ever made, hubot-barkeep turns your hubot into a bartender! Using this script, your hubot will be enhanced with the capability to query


A big shoutout to michaeljacobdavis for developing this originally, but I've made contributions to his repo to add release and membership addition notifications to a hubot.



Contributed exercises to exercism's Dart track.